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Affordable Smart Lifestyle for All

TemigoJara’s taste for offering the utmost value, has inspired the company’s retail expansion into world’s best line of quality smart life products such as Smartphones, Laptops & Gadgets from globallly trusted brands.

Core Benefits




Competitive base salary, performance bonuses, flexible work & leave plan, health insurance, training and skills development


Work with a highly talented team with experience serving global brands. A team that supports you plus fitness & healthy food culture.


As a talent either as a CCO or Partner at TemigoJara, your role would contribute to a challenging and fulfilling goal.


Regular corporate, social, trainings and team events to keep our teams highly skilled, motivated, connected and strong

Perfect Partnership

TemigoJara’s services include online shopping, instant parcel delivery & retail of smart lifestyle line of  qality products, on-demand delivery services and more. Currently headquartered in Yaba, Lagos, TemigoJara is in the process of expanding to other cities. TemigoJara is growing very rapidly and has attracted a strong list of local and international VCs.

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TemigoJara has also Branched Out to Other Ventures

TemigoJara Wholesales

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TemigoJara Xpress

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Together we can

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IBO or Partner?

Today, we are where because of  our IBO’s, Affiliates, Partners, teams and most especially our ah-mazing customers who has taken us this far and who will take us farther than where we aim for. This is because for us at TemigoJara, we have just gotten started. We shall keep growing & expanding  bigger, better and stronger because we know that the future is Purple!

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